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Hey there sweet friend!

You’re looking for your dream photographer for the most important and, quite possibly, the most photographed day of your life.

It’s always been me and a camera taking pictures of just about everything. It started with me begging my parents for more film or another VHS so my sisters and I could film our “infomercials”.  

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Someone to tell your story with style and grace.

But it’s overwhelming, right?

So many pretty sites with pretty pictures and pretty light, and pretty’s hard to know which “pretty” is right for you.

While the images help tell your story long after the last sparkler burns out, searching for a photographer means so much more than just pretty images.

You need a girlfriend who will meet you for a drink so you can cheers some rosé - virtually or IRL - to plan the entire day out with you (not someone you talk to one time and they show up with a camera).

A firm, but respectful director who will keep the day moving, especially during family photos! (and someone who will make sure to learn your grandma’s name).

And a last-minute problem solver who will go pick-up your mom 15 minutes before the ceremony because she was accidentally left behind at the house (this actually happened!).

Well, meet your POH! (...that’d be me) 

(Sorry for recording over that Disney trip, Mom!)

For a while, life took me down a different path. But after working 40+ hours a week in a windowless office, I realized I missed the thing that made me the happiest - capturing life’s most important moments (and, too).

When my bestie asked me to capture a surprise engagement it all began to click, and it ultimately brought me back to my camera.

With a talent and eye for wedding photos that highlight each couple’s unique vibe and spirit, I personally customize your entire experience.

Committed to making it feel effortless (no posing needed) I help you smoothly capture every single moment so you can focus on what matters most - marrying the love of your life.


I got you covered. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every woman had the opportunity to do what makes her happiest? I can help make it possible ;)

Photos are often the first thing people see when they check you out online. That’s why I customize sessions - not just a pic or two for your website - with photos that radiate your big goals and killer personality.

Whether you're new to your biz or been at it for a while, you’ll leave feeling confident and ready to leave your mark on the world, and with a new raving fan (that’s also me).  

P.S. Looking to tell your branding story? 



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My husband, Scott, is my backbone. His support makes my dreams possible.  

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Easton Alexander. That’s our son! This little boy changed my life before I even met him.

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Brody. My first baby, and go-to snuggler on Sundays. Always sits for a treat (and only for a treat really).


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Rylee. My other baby and the hyper one. Always has to have two tennis balls thrown and won’t fetch the first one before the second ball is thrown. (Did you follow that? Fetch with this pup isn’t an easy task ;)

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Powered by fresh flowers, naps on Sundays, Lush bath bombs, Reese’s, Chick-Fil-A nuggets, traveling, and an occasional glass of rosé. 

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Born and raised Florida girl who fell in love with the ATL (Ponce City Market specifically! Wouldn’t it be cool to just live there?)

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